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Welcome to the Metalong docs!

Data management and security are becoming increasingly important in the developing world of technology. Particularly in fields such as cosmology and blockchain, solving data problems is the key to future technological progress. At this point, at Metalong, we aim to overcome this challenge with our innovative solutions.

Metalong is a company that focuses on data problems of cosmos science and provides solutions to blockchain problems using ZK-proof technologies. In each of our projects, we adopt an approach blended with scientific accuracy and technological innovation. Our work on Metaverse aims to provide solutions to data problems in the depths of space and the cosmos. At the same time, we aim to maximize the potential in this field by focusing on security and data integrity issues in blockchain technology.

As Metalong, we are moving forward determinedly towards building the technologies of today’s future. We strive to lead in solving data problems and deliver industry-leading solutions.

Welcome to Metalong Documentation, the centre of innovation to overcome data challenges.

What will you find on our documentation page?

Here you will find all the user guides for the Metalong project, detailed information about our project and everything we do. Metalong’s goal is to solve data problems using cosmology and blockchain technologies. Accordingly, on our documentation page, you can find:

  • User Guides: Comprehensive guides to using the products and services Metalong offers. It contains step-by-step instructions to enable our users to use our products most effectively.
  • Project Information: Detailed information about Metalong’s history, mission, vision and basic principles. It has extensive content about how our company was founded, what values it adheres to and what it aims for.
  • Development Process: Informative content about the development process of Metalong’s products and services. For those who follow the developments in the field of software and technology, it provides detailed information about how our projects are shaped and the stages they go through.
  • Technological Innovations: In-depth explanations about the technologies Metalong uses. Discover the latest developments in cosmology and blockchain technologies and Metalong’s innovative approaches in these fields.
  • Support and Contact: Ways to contact Metalong and information about customer support. If you have any questions or feedback, guide you on how to contact us.

Metalong’s documentation page is designed to provide all the information needed by both our existing users and those new to Metalong. Metalong’s goal is to meet the needs of our users with transparent communication and to build a better future by pushing the boundaries of technological progress.

Can I use Metalong today?

The availability of Metalong is not yet possible at the current stage. Currently, negotiations with investment funds are ongoing and the prototype is planned to be made available after this process is completed.

Where is Metalong going?