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Our roadmap highlights the key developments of our company strategy and ensures that every detail will be included on the interactive platform we call Roadmap Interactive.

    • It will be placed over time....

  • Q1 / 2024

    • Website Update Start
    • ICO
    • Website Update Continues
    • Website Update Completed
    • Potential Investor
    • IEO round two complete

    Q2 / 2024

    • Airdrop Compagne start
    • Solana Events processing
    • Solana SLP Token TGA start
    • DEX 1 upcoming
    • Investors processing
    • CertiK Audit and KYC processing
    • DEX 2 upcoming
    • Bridge Platform upcoming
    • Marketing Compagne upcoming
    • IEO end round processing

    Q3 / 2024

    • Partnerships
    • CEX Listing 1
    • CEX Listing 2
    • CEX Listing 3
    • Marketing Compagne
    • Team
    • Staking Platform
    • Cosmiclands Prototype

    Q4 / 2024

    • Wallet APP Dev.
    • Metalong Ecosystem Planning
    • Global Marketing
    • Cosmiclands Project Development
    • zkAll Company Rise
    • MLO Coin DROP's

    ###### Q1 / 2025

    • Coming...


    Roadmap plays a key role in determining our company's forward-looking plans, goals and the steps to be followed to achieve these goals. This plan helps us explain our future steps to our stakeholders, investors and employees while clarifying our strategic direction. Roadmap Interactive, on the other hand, presents these important developments in more detail, allowing users to follow the progress of our projects more closely.

    Roadmap Interactive allows users to understand our strategic goals and track the progress of our projects. This platform presents our goals, as well as milestones, estimated timelines, and progress to achieve each goal interactively and understandably. In this way, we ensure that our stakeholders have a clearer understanding of our company's progress and have the same vision as us.