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Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Metalong company’s $MLO token is a cryptocurrency that will be used to purchase land in the Cosmiclands project, staking and in the city of Marslife. This token has been launched with the aim of creating a new world using blockchain technology, which has great potential in areas such as space exploration and colonization.

The Cosmiclands project is the first use case of the token. The project offers the ability to buy, sell and trade land in space. Owners of these lands can earn more by staking their tokens. The Cosmiclands project provides transparency and reliability in the ownership and use of lands, thanks to blockchain technology.

The $MLO token will also be used in the Marslife project. Marslife is a city project to be established on the planet Mars. The aim of the project is to develop the technology necessary to realize the interplanetary colonization of humanity. The $MLO token will be the main currency to be used in the city of Marslife. All business transactions in the city will be carried out in the $MLO token.

Besides these projects, the $MLO token provides other benefits to token holders. For example, token holders will own a portion of the company profits. In addition, token holders will have an advantage in future token burnings by Metalong company.

With the $MLO token, Metalong aims to create a breakthrough in the space industry using blockchain technology.

Metalong MLO Utility Token

Token Details
TickerMLO (opens in a new tab)
Token typeBEP-20
BEP-20 Contract address0x...
BSCscan (opens in a new tab)
Total Token Supply500,000,000 $MLO
Max Token Supply500,000,000 $MLO
Circulating Supply20%

Token Economics

Shareholders125,000,000 MLO3 years locked
Reserved100,000,000 MLO5 years locked
Team25,000,000 MLO1 year locked
Partnerships25,000,000 MLO
Projects100,000,000 MLO
ICO Sales5,000,000 MLO
IEO Sales120.000.000 MLO

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